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Walkabout -----

Breedeur :Mr Nice Seedbank
Origine :Suisse
Parents :Mixture Of Thai, Skunk, Mexican, New Guinea And Haze
Génotype :Dominance Sativa
Type :Original

You want to go Walkabout? A selection of mixed outdoor varieties with all genetics of supreme sources including Thai, Haze, India, early Skunks, Mexicans and New Guinea.

Highly recommended for those in need of a walkabout. A guaranteed recipe for outdoors or greenhouse cultivators, with its range of early finishes and a few late flowers.

By the time your WALKABOUT is over you will have forgotten where you are going but you will know where you came from.

Family of breed: a mixture of Thai, skunk, Mexican, New Guinea and Haze
Breeder: Shantibaba`s

Preferred medium: bio and hydro, outdoors/greenhouse
Expected yield: indoor not recommended g/h & outdoor 450 g/plant

Flowering period:
- Indoor it is not recommended due to variation of sativas present but this is not a rule by any means.
- In the northern hemisphere it should be completed by September/October/November and in the southern hemisphere by April/May/June.

For the inexperienced growers to the most advanced. Highly recommended for first-time outdoor growers

Special Notes:
A winner to those with economic budgets, looking for something from well selected landraces mixed in with hybrids.

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Informations complémentaires

Temps de flo. Indoor :Non Précisé
Temps de flo. Outdoor :Septembre à Novembre
Odeur :Moyenne
Graines disponible :Régulière

Ajoutée le :
01/03/2011 00:21
Dernière mise à jour :
23/12/2014 10:55


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