Libanon 30

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Libanon 30
  • Breedeur: Zen Seeds
  • Variété Originale: Original
  • Type de graines disponible: Régulière
  • Parents: Leb 27
  • Origines: Danemark
  • Génotype: Indica
  • Temps de flo. Indoor: Non Précisé
  • Temps de flo. Outdoor: Non Précisé
  • Commercialisation:
  • Odeur: Moyenne
  • Report Variété

Libanon 30


Strain: Libanon 30

Breeder: Zenseeds

Location: outdoor

Type: indica/sativa

Flowering: unknown

No feminized seeds.


Aka: Leb 27

For more than 30 years ago, a plant brought from Lebanon to Denmark. Lebanon 30 results than more than 30 years of breeding under Nordic conditions.

imported lebanese aka leb27 or 27, this one goes some thirty years back. fully apdated landrace into the climate of 55°,


there are 3 obivious phenotypes of this sativa. green, purple and red'ish colours. not the most potent compared to some of newer outdoor strains, but would provide a good half for a future project. or for the peeps out there that just want it as it was in the goold ol' days.

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