Hawaiian Skunk

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Hawaiian Skunk
  • Breedeur: Seedsman
  • Variété Originale:Original
  • Type de graines disponible: Régulière
  • Parents: Hawaiian Indica x Skunk No. 1
  • Origines NC
  • Génotype Dominance Indica
  • Temps de flo. Indoor: 11 semaines
  • Temps de flo. Outdoor: Octobre
  • Odeur: Moyenne
  • Report Variété
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Genetics: Hawaiian Indica x Skunk No. 1

AKA: "The Real McCoy"

Variety: indica / Sativa (62.5% indica)

Type: F1 Hybrid

Harvest Date: October

Flowering Period: 11 weeks

THC Content: 11-17%

No. of Seeds Per Packet: 10

Characteristics: Spicy taste / good yield


Hawaiian Indica is an indica/ Sativa hybrid with very large female flowers, and resin production on leaves as well as flowers. Hawaiian Skunk has a citrus smell with a spicy taste and produces a happy cerebral high. It is a short rounded plant with exceptionally broad leaves, which produces a generous yield.

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