• Breedeur: Genehtik Seeds
  • Variété Originale: Original
  • Type de graines disponible: Féminisée
  • Parents: Somango
  • Origines: nc
  • Génotype: Dominance Indica
  • Temps de flo. Indoor: 63 à 70 jours
  • Temps de flo. Outdoor: Septebre à Octobre
  • Commercialisation:
  • Odeur: Moyenne
  • Report Variété

TXOMANGO Production: 400-450 gr/m2

Flowering indoor: 63-70 days

Outdoor Harvest: September / October


A selection of Somango (hybrid Super Skunk-Big Skunk Jack Herer-Korean) came into our hands this plant with which we worked for several years.


Defendant forward for all those who have tried it at some point, everyone wants to feel the tropical fruit flavor that fills your mouth and the intense floral aroma and sticky.


Its effect is very pleasant and it is devastating, so we recommend to enjoy it in good company. Its interior is slow growing, with a small plant with many branches with short internudal. Plant leafy, broad, large and dark green.


Fat buds, thick and full of resin, very aromatic. Outdoors is a medium shrub type plant with many branches that produce beautiful prolific budding.