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Karma Genetics









Breeder allemand de graines de cannabis

Vainqueur de cups :
Third Prize Indica Seedcompany HTCC 2010
First Prize Sativa Breeders 420ICMAG Cup 2009.
Third Prize Indica Breeders 420ICMAG Cup 2009.
Third Prize Sativa 420ICMAG Cup 2008.



Fiche Variétés / Strainguide



karma interview:



karma interview

For those new to (Karma Genetics), can you give us a brief, short history? Karma Genetics officially started in 2008 after winning a cup at the IC420 cup in Amsterdam. I started breeding in 2000 and have been working in the Dutch canna-scene since 1996, starting in a coffeeshop and later running a local grow-shop.
Who runs the show? Karma runs the show.
Who are your strains primarily targeted at? Most of my strains are aimed for the serious grower who desires top quality cannabis and stable bred genetics. We don’t go over on night ice, and most of our customers are the same.
Are your strains aimed at beginners, amateurs or advanced growers? We’ve got a few beginners/amateur strains, but most are aimed at the advanced grower.
You’ve been busy for a while. Tell us what you’ve been up to? Worked on OG’s for the last few years and still finishing up some projects. One of the last projects will be finishing the last steps in creating Karma’s OG.
There are rumors that you’ve been working on a few projects recently? Yeah the cat is out of the bag. We will be bringing back a true old skool Dutch legend: the Southern A5haze clone, selected by Neville in his Dutch working days. We just started an extensive back-cross project on it.
Tell us a little about your (Biker Kush) strain? We started on this project in 2010 by crossing a SFV OG BX to the HA-OG cut. We then selected the most HA-OG dominant males and started the BX project. After extensive testing, we found our Elite Biker Kush stud that has proven to give exceptional hybrids when crossed with other strains. Biker Kush is a definite corner stable of Karma Genetics.
Are (Karma Genetics) currently collaborating with any other breeders? We are known for “Sharing is Caring.” There are many companies using our strains for their work, but for real collaborations we did some work with Mosca Negra, Canna Venture, and currently doing some nice collab with Horti-Lab, combining his award winning Starbud Sister clone with our Elite Biker Kush male. Sour Power x Biker!
What’s the average yield on a Headbanger, grown under lights / outdoors? Our Headbanger is a high-yielding strain for that type of genetics. She can reach a gram per watt with good growers without too much trouble. Outdoor in warmer climates, she grows out like a tree in which she needs support for the long buds.
What are your top 3 favorite strains that are currently available? At the moment, I would say: Headbanger, Biker Kush , and the Ghostrider V2.0.
Are all of your seeds regular or do you offer a feminised selection as well? Karma Genetics only does regular seeds at the moment.. It takes a bit longer to do the REAL breeding, but the results are that moms selected from our regular seeds will stay true for many years to come. Also, many of our customers like to do some homemade pollen-chucking, for which our seeds are a great base.
Have you taken any measures to protect your products from cheap duplication? People and other companies will always make copies or rename your work. The copies can never be the same, as the time and selection process we have done on the exact mom and dad and the result of that exact combo with true extensive testing of different combos. Also most of our P1 stock has been selected by Karma, in person. We don’t work much with shared cuts any more so this makes exact copying very hard.
What’s been your favorite Cannabis trade show? Best cannabis trade show I visited in the last few years has to be the High Times Cannabis Cup, at Denver (Colorado), in 2013. 18,000 happy, free smokers all together on US soil was magical!
Are you planning to visit any other cannabis shows in Europe? Yes the Spannabis is the one in EU to hit up, without a doubt, the biggest in EU at the moment.
How do you measure your strains characteristics? I believe strongly in smoking it. When it doesn’t transfer the smell to the flavour, it doesn’t make the cut. Also, we found that THC% isn’t all that counts. We found that some strains with a lower THC% can have stronger effect because of the combination of terpenes and other cannabinoids. Our Happy Brother strain is a key example of that.
Are you currently satisfied that your strains have reached a sufficient level of stability? Oh yes, that’s where we believe we have high standards in today’s market. We don’t go over on night ice.
How do you test your strains? We test all strains in house a few times as well our customer base and regular tests growers who love to grow out the new new for free. We have pulled lines every year because they don’t meet our high standards.
How often do you test your products? In house at least twice, plus we send out 500/1000 test seeds to test growers.
What’s your highest yielding strain? Hitting the highest yields from current line up would be the Sour Jack and the SSSDH x Jack, but the Headbanger ain’t far behind.
What’s your most beloved strain you’ve produced? Karma’s OG, which is not released yet, a work in progress. I have been busy with it for almost 5 years. It’s an extensive inbreed of my two favorite OG’s in my stable. The fine-tuning to make it stable for the outcome I want my customers to get takes time when breeding regular seeds (the way it should be).
Do you do any comparisons, using other breeders? Yes I love to grow seeds from my fellow breeders, mostly from underground friends, but also from better-known friends in the online community. People like OGraskal, Archive, Loompa, Bodhi, Hortilab, JJ from topdawg, all of them keeping it real and have had good results with their work.
How does (Karma Genetics) stay ahead of the competition? We don’t look at the market like that, we just do our own thing at our own speed.
What is the best way to grow (Karma Genetics) strains? We personally grow most on soil and coco, but they will do good on all medium’s.
You seem to have a very organic relationship with plants – bio or hydro? Oh I prefer bio grown herbs to smoke, the flavour is hard to beat.
Is there anything you can’t do without in the greenhouse? Yep I need them Garden Gnomes to keep the shine.
Can we expect any other collaborations in the pipe-line? Yes I will be doing a Another Hoti-Lab collab, using his Sour Power clone. Just looking for the right combination at the moment. Who do you most enjoy working within the greenhouse? The Garden Gnomes, you know they sing great songs and dance when they work.
Are there any breeders who you’d like to work with? Yes I would love to do a Collab project with my buddy JJ, from topdawg, in the future.
Is (Karma Genetics) a one man band or are there others doing the hard work behind the scene? Karma Genetics is mostly a one-man show. I do get help in the gardens from close friends…. otherwise, it would be impossible to do it all with our work ethics. All breeding is done by me in person always.
There has recently been a lot of discussion regarding automatic strains – is this something you’d consider experimenting with? Nope, we won’t be doing autos.
The US looks to be moving in the right directions regarding their views on cannabis. Do you believe in legalisation or decriminalisation? Yes I believe in full legalisation and that it just a matter of time now.
Who comes first – the family or plants? My plants are part of my family but I will always pick my wife and daughter over plants.
What’s been the most important influence in your life? The birth of my daughter for sure. That gave meaning to my life and made me take everything twice as serious.
Who is or was the most influential person in your life? My wife is my backbone. Without her pushing me to take steps, I would have never been where I am now. The freedom, in combination with the support she gives me, is what made Karma Genetics grow.
What’s been your worst experience since you launched (Karma Genetics)? Because of the illegality of our beloved plant victims of the war on drugs have fallen. The pain and unfairness of that makes me hurt. My thoughts are with all that are being held against their will because of this magical plant.
What’s been the most satisfying experience since launching (Karma Genetics)? After entering High Times Cannabis Cup in 2010, I got to meet so many people in the canna scene, some of which have become friends for life.
What did you think you would do when you were in first grade? I thought I would become a firefighter like most little boys. I guess in reality, that is pretty close: I use a water hose a lot and try to breed that FIRE.
If you weren’t producing cannabis seeds, what would you have done? I would probably be breeding veggies, painting, and doing flame-work; things I do in my free time now. Where’s your favourite place to be on earth? Phewa lake in Pokhara Nepal, it’s like Heaven on Earth.
What does the future hold for (Karma Genetics)? We hope for many great collaborations in coming years and working together with some medical and recreational producers.
Are you doing any more research into strain development? Currently putting the last steps on the fine-tuning of our White OG breeding line.
So what can we expect next? We can expect that White OG will come in our base line up and some new, crazy limiteds coming out for the online fan base.
What will you now be concentrating on? One of the main projects for coming time will be to produce a stable seed version of the A5 haze clone.
I’m a first timer and thinking of buying some (Karma Genetics) seeds – what should I buy and why? You should go for Cheesy Rider or Brotherhood OG. Both are easy to grow plants with a friendly type stretch when going into flower and both have good branching. These can take some abuse and don’t need support in flower.
I’m a first timer and looking to buy some (Karma Genetics) strains – why should I buy from you? Because we care. We answer e-mails. Have a look at previous grows by customers from us online and you will see we are here to support till the end.






Je viens vous proposer aujourd'hui un lien vers le site du breeder Karma Genetics.

J'ai des graines de leur variété "Mirre", je viendrais poster un peut d'infos quand je les ferais germer, en attendant n'hésitez pas l'alimenter.

On peut acheter des seeds Karma Genetics notamment sur Seedboutique.

En vous souhaitant une bonne journée.

A bientôt



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Je fais parti de leur collectif, Hybrids From Hell, ils sont vraiment sympas avec pleins de strains bien adapter à l'outdoor, breeder jeune donc peu de retour....à savoir qu'il travail aussi avec ESBE, Benji...(HTC)c'est du bon :mdr:

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Karma Gentics a et va sortir de nouveaux trucs:


• Yeah we are there the Happy Brother BX2 is ready. Expect more of that typical HB, taste and very uniform plants.

• Here is the Jack Cheddar a nice fresh cheese cross. With many sweet flavors.

• And the new Testers are in The Sour Jack,

a cross of a Sour Diesel IBL female with The legendary Jack#22 male.

As the female in this case is very open budded, the jack hopefully

gives it harder buds and easier to grow, as the SD IBL used here

is a bit picky with nutes. I will put some links up when the new tests are started.

• What’s up and coming:

currently working hard on the Kush line.

Just a little tip on what I am working with at the moment

Chem. D, GreenCrack, The White, Shoreline, Strawberry Cream, FireWhite#6 and some other

Jack Cheddar

I have taken the Exodus cheese cut and crossed it with my Jack#22 dad.The outcome is very cheese and sweet in most pheno’s.

Expect easy to grow plants, with a Skunk type structure

Finishing from 8 to 11 weeks. Some are just the perfect bland and give that sweet cheesy haze.

The people at the ICMag 420 Cup 2010 loved the sweet smell’s and flavors.

Jack Cheddar:



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un pote s'est mis à test karma, et il n'y a pas de doute, c'est un breeder très sérieux. Les prix sont intéressants par rapport à la qualité des phénos. Ils ont de très bonnes hazes.

Mais surtout: la happy brother,......mémorable!

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bonjour a tous je vien d'acheter des graine chez Karma Genetics a maastricht:

D-Kush=>genetique:Chem D x SFV OG Kush BX2

et j'aurai bien voulus savoir le temps de floraison et autre information utile sur ses graine car je ne trouve rien sur cette variété.


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J'ai acheté 15 graines produites par ce breeder !


10 de Happy kush : Happy brother BX1 x SFV OG Kush BX2 (je pense, je n'ai trouvé pas trouvé énormément d'info dessus)

et 5 d'un "mix", le vendeur du shop à maas m'a dit que c'était soit : Sour Jack/Jack Cheddar/Jack'o'nesia


ca fait un peu plus de 4 mois qu'elles sont parties, j'ai eu 13 pouces puis 3 pertes encore .

donc 10 plans dont 9 étaient des femelles.


pour ce qui est du produit fini j'ai quelques petits soucis avec ma premiere flo mais la deuxieme est déjà en cours donc on verra à ce moment là :)


Ciao tout le monde !

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Bien le bonjour!


Je constate que plusieurs d'entre vous avez acheté vos graines dans un shop de Maas : est-ce que quelqu'un pourrait m'indiquer le nom du fameux shop svp. Merci bien.



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Slt a tous


merci coxnox pour ton suivi sur la jack de karma ;-)


je vous posterais quelque tofs de white og v2 en flo dans pas longtemps


pour l instant croissance en pot de 2l5




bon grow a tous



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Salut a tous!!!


J'ai recu 3 varieté de chez karma,

White snake, 24K white gold, Et la fameuse Karma Og's.


N'hesitez pas si vous voulez des info sur les cross ;)


Les karma OG on été sorti hier du frigo et seront mis en terre ce soir...

Je pense faire un JDC et je vous laisserai le lien ici.



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Salut a tous!!!


J'ai recu 3 varieté de chez karma,

White snake, 24K white gold, Et la fameuse Karma Og's.


N'hesitez pas si vous voulez des info sur les cross ;)


Les karma OG on été sorti hier du frigo et seront mis en terre ce soir...

Je pense faire un JDC et je vous laisserai le lien ici.



Salut les gens!


Je suis très interessé par tes résultats rené....


Mais sérieux les gens comment c'est possible que ce thread soit autant délaissé???

Ce breeder est vraiment sérieux.....leur jack o nesia est surement la meilleur représentation de  l'amnesia haze....plusieurs keepers par packsons garantis...


Alors jveux voir des jdc de ce breeder dans tout les sens aller hop on se bouge et on arrête d'acheter de la mer**** en boite svp :)



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Yop ^^



Un petit report sur la White Snake. (Sans Glaw...)


Mise a part au séxage puisque j'ai eu 1 femelle sur 9...la selection naturelle :siff:


c'est une génetique peu gourmande,pour GD je conseille de mettre 50% des dose de guano,pour les autre gamme d'engrais,allez y Léger.


je l'ai emmené a 90 jours de floraison avec 30% d'ambré.des Bud dur comme des caillou et une prod tout a fait raisonnable,40g en 6l sous 250w. elle régait bien au palissage.


Sinon niveau smoke test, super suprise :D


Une weed que je classe dans mon top 5 de toute celle que j'ai gouté coffee shop inclus ;)


Non franchement,on sent bien distinctement les 2 saveurs Og et SD,L'une ne masque pas l'autre,


terre,boisé,diesel et une fumée bien lourde,une stone bien corporelle au début qui peut claqué plus d'un confirmé ;)




















Une weed pour le soir :)


Tchou l'équipe ;)


PS: Pour la Karma Og,la session durant la selecta a été un désastre,je la referai plus sérieusement bientot ;)

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