B-52 Bomber

B-52 Bomber
  • Breedeur: Almighty Seeds
  • Variété Originale: Original
  • Type de graines disponible: Féminisée
  • Parents: Non Précicsé
  • Origines: Canada
  • Génotype: Indica / Sativa
  • Temps de flo. Indoor: 56 à 70j
  • Temps de flo. Outdoor: Mi à Fin Octobre
  • Commercialisation:
  • Odeur: Moyenne
  • Report Variété

B-52 Bomber (65% Female)


This heavy hitting chronic will send you to the moon. The B-52 Bombers name describes the effects felt after smoking this special variety. Almighty seeds have combined the extreme White Widow with the enticing Lionheart! Looks like cotton candy coated with sticky golden resin!


* Strain: Sativa / Indica

* Parentage: White Widow & Lionheart

* Planting: Indoor / Outdoor

* Flowering: 56-70 days / mid-end Oct

* Yield: Above average


15 Seeds Per Packet