Thunder Bud Haze

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Thunder Bud Haze
  • Breedeur: Holy Smoke Seeds
  • Variété Originale:Original
  • Type de graines disponible: Régulière
  • Parents: Thunderbud x Strawberry Rez x Purple Haze
  • Origines Nederland
  • Génotype Sativa
  • Temps de flo. Indoor: 63 jours
  • Temps de flo. Outdoor: 63 jours
  • Odeur: Très forte
  • Report Variété
Topic unique

Holy Smike twice dipped the Thunder bud in the Strawberry pot and then out crossed it to Holy's very special Purple Haze to wrap up the most flavorful and fruity bud which has a penchant for really large growth and a powerful buzz. Large deep bounty full buds are common as she starts to express her traits you will be amazed at the fragrances and colors exposed with scents of citrus to watermelon to ripe berries lingering and hints of spice woven wonderfully into a delightful haze, However don’t be fooled by the approachable palette this strain has a particularly strong THC profile and caution is advised for the novice

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