Zod is a strain that has something for everyone. Looking for a chunky-sweet O.G.? Got it. Need a sweet base for extraction flavours? Zod is sure to have something you like. There are about six different phenotypes to look for. Flavours are sweet to sweet-kushy. Most will show signs of purple, but one or two will stay a brilliant lime green with electric orange hairs.
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Zombie Kush
Résultat de la sélection de l’un de nos premiers travail de recherche génétique, un ancien clone de Lavender kush à été polénisé par notre brillante Amnesia . A partir de là un clone que nous avons appelé « Sideral » à été sélectionné et nous avons décidé de le polénisé plus tard avec notre Bubba kush.
Sa période de croissance doit être importante si nous souhaitons développé tout le potentiel de son côté indica. Avec un niveau d’EC bas aussi bien en croissance qu’en floraison nous obtiendrons des résultats spectaculaires.
Ses tonalités lilas et la grande quantité de trichomes qui couvrent ses grandes fleurs rendront cette variété incontournable pour tout les amateurs de saveurs Kush.
Topic Unique
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Zuri Widow
Production: 400-500 gr/m2
Flowering indoor: 50-62 days
Outdoor Harvest: October
The first white lady, WHITE WIDOW, we managed to get to achieve a production plant with a spectacular white appearance due to cristlalina resin to cover their flowers and leaves that protect them are covered with trichomes.
This genetic crossing with Brazil still has the effect of the indicated Afghan Widow, with a more sativa that makes it even more pleasant and always whets your appetite, have lunch nearby.
In the interior is very good for all media, medium, and very sturdy white buds completely covered with resin, is hard and heavy.
This variety has a pleasant floral smell musty and becomes dry and sweet taste in the mouth.
Outdoors is a medium and wide plant with many branches may go unnoticed among other garden plants.
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